Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back in Michigan

After a week in Florida, it's nice to be back with the fam. Even if It does mean being up close and personal with the Polar Vortex. Or is it Arctic Vortex? Extreme Crap Ton of Snow.
Honestly, this is part of Pig 2's outdoor gear.

Gear also includes a jacket, snow pants, boots and mittens. 15 mins, tops and they need to come back in.

The dogs dogs sure like it.

School was canceled Friday through Tuesday, with an afternoon start half day today.

I had to call into work to take the kids to school. No, not because I don't trust the bus. I strongly believe in public transport. It's because Pig 2 switched from playing the bus sized trombone, to the needs a personal motorcade tuba.

Of course that kid would end up with a tuba.

On the drive home from the airport, I asked about the dogs. I'm not sure what exact words the  Ogre said, but I think this is close, "Your dogs are shit eating destroyers." Yep. I think he nailed it.

Still, I'll can handle the snow and poop eating hounds as long as I've got my Ogre and the pigs with me.

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