Monday, January 20, 2014

Ah, Venice....

Ok, I'm actually in Florida. When you leave Michigan and it's 26 degrees, and you arrive in Florida and it's rocking 57 degrees, you may as well call it Venice.

Here I am at the bar with Pam and Dan. It was pointed out to me that Pam and Dan look suspiciously like a glass of beer. It's true. They are beer.

Pam, aka PK or Mom, has a lovely pink bedroom for me to stay it. It even comes equipped with a clock that chimes on the hour and a creepy doll.
I was, and sometimes still am an awful daughter. I hated pink, and dolls, and well, my poor mom just wanted a pink baby. I was more of a red/orange baby. 
This probably more than explains the pink room, the doll, but the clock, that's for time keeping. As I recall, it may have also been a major award.

What are the Ogre and the Pigs up to? About a foot of snow.

I think I'll just hang with the parents for the week and skip the second round of Polar Vortex. Silly Northerners.

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Linda said...

Good call on skipping the 2nd Polar Vortex! Have a great time visiting PK & Dan and basking in the balmy weather.