Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How Would I know, I am French

Today is the second day of school for the Pigs.

I know this because, well, I've sent them off to the bus, twice.  I also know this because I was able to get groceries, and run all my errands without buying 3 ice cream cones.

I also know this because I've already been to the Middle School Office saying "I can volunteer, pretty much, like, whenever."

Why was I in the office on the 2nd day of school, in the first place?  Uh, I'm like the most random, sort of laid back Tiger Mom? Yes. Seriously. Me a Tiger Mom. I went into the office and asked why my kid had 2 marking periods of Art and no computer course.

Yeah, that's because he's in 6th grade, and I was trying to get him into a 7th grade class.  I'd like to point out that it was an accident. I didn't realize he was in 6th grade.

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