Sunday, June 02, 2013

Corks for Conservation...Oh, how I missed thee

Yesterday was the annual Corks for Conservation fundraiser at Binder Park Zoo.

I was really happy I was able to go this year. The Ogre was going to go with me. But, alas, the great maker in the sky called upon him to serve drinks at the Grange June Chicken BBQ. Who is he to say no to community service?  Also, if I say it's the great maker in the sky demanding he is to serve drinks, I'm thinking he may actually be answering to Bacchus.  The Grange is an agricultural based Fraternal Order, after all.

But I most certainly know I was answering the call of Bacchus!  HEUS WINE FEST!  Rather I mean, Hi, Corks for Conservation!  Nice to see you again. I too am doing my community service!  That means supporting a local fundraising event, not picking up trash along the side of the road.

 Oh, wait, I've done that too. Note that the road was adopted, and I wasn't part of a court ordered community service project.

This year, I was lucky enough to go with Christine B.  Our kids go to school together, we've seen each other around, but we had never actually hung out.  Which is a shame, because we were up to no good in the same manner.

Can I playz wit Liquid Nitrogen too?

Ladies were photographed so you could tell how high up cat was

It was cool because she didn't mind when I completely lost my mind with excitement over seeing the Snow Leopard, up close, and on top of what looked like a telephone pole.

Look! Kitty!!

She actually encouraged it. "It's cool Holly, dork out! I'm not embarrassed!"

I also got the insider scoop on some Vicksburg.  It was mostly that I am missing out on reasonably priced, delicious food by not going to The Village Hideaway.

I wanted to argue. "But it's the hideaway, and everyone will see I'm hiding away in there. Plus, the big beer sign out front. Wait, I'm at wine fest, I asked the Ogre out for the first time at Bud's Bar. I brew my own beer."

The jig is up Bishop. Your hobbies are hooch related.

So I embraced my hooch hobbies and shared with Christine the beauty and the wonder of the Mega-Bev.  "No, really, you have to go.  It's like, a kid in a candy store awe inspiring! Or, an adult in a giant liquour store awe inspiring. But really, they have everything."

Oh, what wineries did we enjoy?  I personally really enjoyed Lawton Ridge Winery in Kalamazoo.  Their wine was the first we tasted of the evening.  The people were super friendly, very fun to talk to and the wine, well, it was delicious!  I highly enjoyed the AZO White .  I was also a bit smitten with the fact that they named the wine after our airport code. I am a sucker for clever.

Black Star Farms were there too.  I want to go to there.  The Ogre and I brought infant Harry to Traverse City and we toured the facilities.  We loved the wine! We loved the B & B!  We promised ourselves we'd go back...we had more kids. It's been 13 years. But we still love them. 

Spotted Dog Winery  Cute name, cute labels, fun names.  The people at their booth were really stand offish and not especially friendly.  I really didn't want to support them by getting a pour from them.  But Christine and I were curious about their Coco Noir wine.  Here's the description:
Coco Noir
A smooth red wine blended with a mouth filling flavor of dark chocolate.
Be sure to take in the aroma before sipping!

We got a sample.  I was being all pissy. Right before we tasted it I said "it's going to be all nasty and vinegary and just, just spotted dog poo!"

It was in fact delicious. It was smooth. It was a deep, full bodied red. Then, to finish, the coco flavor. It was amazing.  I took back my pissy comment and said "Ok, they do deserve to be like that, this stuff is awesome." Or something to that effect.

Also, I was introduced to a friend of Christine's.  She is totally ready to deliver pregnant, and she said The Zombie Prom Date Knitters could totally deliver her baby!!!
Not a look of ZPDK inspired fear, JOY, pure JOY
So thank you Christine for a great night out. I look forward to hanging out more, and going to the Hideaway for lunch sometime soon.

*Blast from the past blog link...check out Mother's Day 2008. Camping and Beer...with Kids!

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Butcher Christine said...

Someone else told me that Black Star was THE place to go!

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