Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fire it up

I once had the opportunity to rent what was basically a shed, with a burn barrel for a fire place and no electricity.  Wait, the electricity situation was what brought me to thinking about this fine rental in the first place.  I lied, it did have electricity.  One hour a day, the landlords would fire up the generator, and BEHOLD! Electricity!  One hour a day.  The sad part was, the rent was too high.  I couldn't afford to live in a shed.

I currently have everything, and it's all awesome, and sometimes I feel guilty about it.  So, I try to give back. Just, in general. Which leads me back to the electricity thing.  I have a lap top that, until recently, worked.  Now it works, but only about 7 minutes a day.  I think back to the shed I couldn't afford to rent, with it's one hour of electricity a day, and laugh. 

Eric asks me why I don't want a new computer. I tell him I don't need a new one. This one builds character.

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