Sunday, January 06, 2013

I really just want to love exercise

For those of you keeping track...

1. I am easily fooled
2. I always think it's a good idea
3. I've probably done that
4. I never want a new hobby

I've been all geared up to organize, throw out and put crap that's being kept in binders.  Seriously.  Lego manuals have been neatly placed in a folder. Then placed in a magazine rack. But no, not in the magazine rack where the comic books have been corralled to.

Sadly, a new hobby has fallen into my lab.  See list above as to how this happened.

Pig 3, a loom. Now to warp it. Which means books! Yarn! Fun!

It's a sickness.  I need to take up a new exercise.  Someone fool me into that please.

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