Thursday, January 03, 2013

Get Busy, Pig!

In an attempt to keep the Pigs busy, I busted out a Weave a Potholder kit.

It worked.  Pig 3 stayed busy, and soon my kitchen, and Christmas tree were over flowing with highly flammable, for decoration only, potholders.

We've also recently discovered (Thank you NPR for this one.) The front page says "Earn a Skill. Become a Maker."  Well, heck, earn a Yeti badge? Yes please!

Pig 3 decided to work on being a chef.  Which has been fantastically delicious.

Pig 2 wants to earn the Camper badge.  This mostly leads to us discussing Survival Kits, and drinking fish spinal fluid.

Pig 1 is moderately indifferent.

Thankfully, Grandma Alice just happened to have a loom she was willing to let us borrow.  Pig 3 is now working on covering the world in scarves. 

Beware, you may be scarf bombed soon. 

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