Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eh, seems normal

Last night I had the chance to meet up with my lovely ZPDK friends. We talked, we laughed. Some of us dragged a garbage bag full of sheep fluff into the store. Others dragged the sheep fluff out of the store.

I began working on a new project.

It's made with scraps. Scraps so hideous that it makes me wonder why I ended up with such ugly yarn.

It's turning out so hideous that a lady stood behind me, speechless, as I began to add another row of orange to the sparkly, fluffy purple fury I already had going. She walked away, stunned.

As we were saying our goodbyes, Bec said "Drive like an asshole!" Of course I promptly did.

After our fun, I went out to my car. As I was driving I thought, "gee, this is a really dark parking lot." Turning onto M66 I wonder if my contacts were what was making everything so dark. Which,if that is the case, wow, inconvenient.

Turns out, both headlights were out. I didn't freak out, I wasn't sad. I drove like an asshole. Brights on the whole way home. I even pulled over at one point to make sure the tail lights were still operational. I may have been an asshole, but I didn't want to get rear ended.

Now I'm at the Ford dealership. I can see the Ford dealership from my house. When they set their garbage dumpster, well, it made us nervous. So, I'm sitting here waiting for my car. Which of course means I have to use the bathroom.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted the arsenic sign. Actually, I dried my hands, took the photo and said "Sweet! I don't have to worry about being poisoned by arsenic! I bet I've built up quite a tolerance . I should totally go play the lottery!"

The thing I'm worried about is how long this light bulb change is taking. The amount of time it's taking is making me think it is actually a much more pricey electrical problem. Plus, this is cutting into fitbit steps.


Bec said...

So happy you complied with my directive. It is always fun getting our knitting friends together. Maybe I'll happen upon another sheep for you one day. Toodles.

tracyb said...

I drove home from Detroit once (about 20 miles) at night with my lights off! I had no clue until I pulled onto my street and it seemed really dark! I have no excuse, I'm just lucky I didn't get pulled over!