Tuesday, October 09, 2012

There will be Snot, or Stout

For the last 5 years it's been all "knitting this" and "knitting that" and some "Holy shit! Do you think I can find someone who only has one freakishly large hand who will want this mitten?"

There have been zombie slayings, charity events, event-events, and well, a lot of blogging about it.
knitting while at football does not improve the knitting

Last year I tried cheese making.  It's ok.  It's much cheaper than knitting.  No, trust me, it is.  At least the way I do it.

You could say "Get a Job!"
This job, that encouraged crazy head gear, was too boring.
 I've tried that.  It didn't stick.

So, for my next random hobby, I've chosen something that I do truely love, and I know I'm already good at.


Ok, I don't know if I'm good at beer making, but I'm hella good at beer drinking. 

Plus, I've thought this out.  I need sample many, many types of beer, to help me decide what mine should be like, or not be like.  Plus, those bottles have to come from somewhere. It seems much more logical to recycle bottles, rather than buy bottles.

I'd like to thank Zippydog, aka Sandy, for saying "Oh, hey, do you want to brew beer?" for this new idea.

 Please, next time you see me, don't mention anything.  I may develop a strong desire to go do it.  Or, at least plot and plan to do said thing.


Sandy said...

YAY!! Beer!!

Linda said...

Ooooo! Beeeerr!

Bec said...

I am so happy you are my friend.