Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beer! Donuts! D'oh!

The Ogre will soon be on his annual Pitchforks and Torches-The Ogre's Plight book tour.  Oh, you may not have heard of his book.  It's written for people over 6'5".  You know, things like where to buy socks when you wear a 15 shoe.  You know, useful  stuff like how to avoid an angry mob and car buying advice. He'll have a great time.  But us?  Whatever shall we do??

Well, I've a few activities planned.  Activities that the Ogre, may not actually frown on these activities, but he generally doesn't think they are sound ideas.

Day 1:
-Brew Beer
-Donuts for dinner

Day 2:
-Run 2 miles
-Possibly run 4 miles, due to the donuts for dinner
-Go furniture shopping.
-Decide on chair or mattress
-Dinner? Pizza? Cereal?

Day 3:
-Clean up from Beer Brewing
-Clean up pizza boxes
-Order "This is what a feminist looks like" T shirt

Day 4:
-Have furniture delivered
-Cover new furniture in snot, dog slobbery, and help me, urine.  It's gotta look like it fits in with what we currently have
-Actually clean up from Beer Brewing
-Order more pizza
-Take pizza boxes from the garage to the garbage can

Day 5:
-Cook nutritious, veg filled dinner

1 comment:

Linda said...

All sounds good to me! Don't forget to take the pizza boxes out of the oven before cooking nutritious meal:D