Friday, September 28, 2012

You want my Knitting??

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters have done several charity projects as a group.  I really liked the Kidney Kozy project. We all made lap robes and donated them to local Dialysis Units.  Of course we couldn't call them Lap Robes, that's boring.  They were Kidney Kozies!

When I dropped ofe Kidney Kozies, I attached a note that said:

A Kidney Kozy was made with love, laughter and good thoughts just for you! 

Stay Warm,
Zombie Prom Date Knitters of SW Michigan

I think it's funny.  I'd love to get a hand knit with a nice, yet funny message.

Once again PEOPLE WANT OUR KNITTING!!  I shout, because often a knitter spends time, energy, money, on knitting a gift and the recipient say, "Oh, a scarf. This doesn't match my coat." Then they promptly donate it to say, Salvation Army.

I say knitters UNITE!  Skip the ungrateful middle man and let's donate directly to the Salvation Army.  

They WANT our stuff for their Christmas Toy Shop.

 WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It might be September but the Salvation Army in Kalamazoo is already thinking Christmas.

Each year as part of their Christmas Toy Shop they give out handmade scarves, hats and gloves to kids in need.   

It's an extra gesture they like to do to make sure the kids have something nice this winter.

But this year the Salvation Army is putting the call out to knitters. They need help making all the items by the beginning of December.

"We have 4,000 kids that we serve so that would be nice to get close to that number do we can help all these kids to get warm," said Major Keith Weich of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army will accept any types of handmade scarves, hats or gloves at their headquarters in Kalamazoo.

If you would like to knit and donate something to this event, I would love to deliver knit goods to the Salvation Army.  Dude, it's cold in Michigan.

If  it's easier for you, YLYS in Battle Creek is collecting items for the Salvation Army also!  They would like them by November 24th.  Tell Kelly J I sent you!  While you're there, sign up for a class...clicky for YLYS linky.

If you aren't Kalamazoo/Battle Creek local, contact your area's Salvation Army or charity of your choice.  Knitting is good.  Sharing your knitting is even better.

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