Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where are those ZPDK's?

I recently caught up with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters. It's been awhile, you know, because of all of this

Pig1 joined something! The Cross Country Team

and this.

Which mostly means we spend a lot of time in fields.

Wait! You knit? You think we sound like fun? Oh, yeah, you can totally meet up with us.

Barnes and Noble Battle Creek
 3rd Wednesday of the month
6:00pm-we get kicked out

The getting kicked out has not happened.  I believe they begrudgingly tolerate us.

 Along with the regular crowd, we were joined by GabbyGail, and Melon_K, from the twitterverse. It's true!  There really are people in the computer!

Sadly, there were no photos of this event.  But if you missed out...there are more opportunities to knit, swear, drop your stitches, and wonder how you got syrup on your knitting.  Those may all be "me" problems.

Other times to catch up with ZPDK:

We are still working out a weekly fall meet up.  Some of us got jobs, some of us are hunting jobs, some of us should get a MI Chauffeur license (I'm talking about you Spinsanity!)

Wednesday, September 26th
Boundary Waters Coffee Shop-Vicksburg

Monday, Oct 8th
Beer Exchange-Kalamazoo

Wednesday, Oct 10 830am-1130am
Moose and Canoe-Boundary Waters

Wednesday, Oct 17th 6-8pm
Barnes and Noble
Battle Creek

We are also working on some charity event, an evening outing, and well, whatever general jackassery we can get into.

Oh, hey Ladies!  The guys at Mega Bev in the Creek said "Knitters?  That rocks."

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Linda said...

So glad Pig 1 has found something he enjoys!