Saturday, August 11, 2012

Camping! We don't know when to quit

I took the Pigs camping in Ludington, the week before Elizabeth and Cameron's wedding.

One might ask “Holly, how did you do it? Camping, with 3 Pigs! What is your secret?”

I'll tell you my secrets-fire, and knives.

Really. The Pigs had a Swedish Firesteel style Flint andSteel. They spent many HOURS attempting to start our camp fire with that thing.

Knives.  No stick was safe from the Pigs.  Our camp site was full of sharp ended sticks with no bark.

I was able to cook, knit, chase chipmunks, intimidate teens, all while the pigs messed around with fire and knives.
Check out Charity Miles...

When we weren't hanging around the camp fire we also hiked, swam, kayaked and laughed.  All of this lead to us getting real stinky. 

Beware my stench!!

We also went on a paddle boat.  As a person who truly hates exercise bikes, I quickly realized I hate paddle boats as well.  While the exercise bike is stationary and tedious, the paddle boat has the added trill of making me motion sick, on top of being tedious.  Pig 3 and I decided that we would attempt flipping a canoe together next year.

Speaking of next year, we are planning to stay for a week.  This time we camped for 3 nights, and attempted to do a week's worth of stuff in that amount of time.

We also have reservations to stay in a mini cabin in the State Park. Sure, sure, our tent kept us dry during the insane lightening filled thunder storm.  But a small building would have made me feel a lot safer.
We stayed dry, but water seeped through the tent floor, and tarp

I didn't pray, but I sure did swear to the universe that if we made it through that storm safe, I would be donating cash, and better quality knit goods, to charity.  It went a bit like this:

"We're good people. Don't let us get hit by lightening, or, or, killed by a tree that was hit by lightening, or have the dam break, we get washed out to Lake Michigan and then drowned in a riptide and eaten by sharks. $500 and better knit goods.  $500 and better knit goods. $500 and better knit goods.  $500 and better knit goods.

Every year, it's something, and every year we say "BEST YEAR YET!!  I CAN'T WAIT TO GO AGAIN NEXT YEAR!"

Camping fashion, is a lot like Fight Club



Bec said...

You are such a fun momma!

Holly Bee said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Fire, Knives, and Hiking,
the Boy's Holy Trinity!