Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Table Tennis-it's a real thing

Table tennis. The curling of the summer games.

This is one sport where I think, I could have been a contender.*

Honestly, it's fast, aggressive and you don't have to move around a lot.  These skills are so in my wheel house.

A ball goes wild, they walk it off, in a 3 foot area.  A player can take a ball to the face, but who doesn't occasionally. There are still limited opportunity to get a concussion.

Players wear polo shirts, and sporty, yet modest shorts. Add a pair of knee socks, and I could be confused for a Table Tennis player.

 I'm serious when I say poor body image and a fear of bun huggers is why I only played a year of volleyball.
Photo taken from "Why are the Shorts of Volleyball Players so short?"

  Having grown to my full towering height** of 5' 4" by age 10, and not liking to jump may have also been contributing factors, but the shorts didn't help.

Now, think of me when you watch Table Tennis. Or as the Ogre says "Let's call it what it is: Olympic, Ping Pong."

*It is a well documented fact that where ever we go, I pick out the job I would do at said locale.  At Disney, overly enthusiastic ride operator.  Probably Haunted Mansion.  Never Splash Mountain. Stilt performer in parades. 

Maine-bed and breakfast owner...actually just the person who bakes the muffins for the bed and breakfast.  They would be blueberry muffins.

Mexico-gun runner-or stilt performer

Disney's Animal Kingdom-Stilt performer.

**My full towering height is to emphasize that I am taller than Sarah. This may also be why I never realized I was not that tall.  I hang with a lot of short people.

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