Monday, July 23, 2012

Jazzercise? No, Zumba

I tried something new.  No, not that.  Not Absinthe either.
Green Fairy...Tinkerbell?

The first is not on my list, but the Absinthe is.

Today, I tried Zumba.  Yes, Sarah (note the H) told me I should try Zumba for years.  Like really, 2 years.  I actually attempted to go one time, and no one was there.  No one.  So I said "Today, is not the day that I will break the seal on  Zumba."

So, Sara, (no H, and not Sara J) said, "Hey, your exercise bike is broken, and if you fix it, it will break your ass.  Try Zumba."

How can I argue with that logic?

I may get kicked out of all future Zumba Classes for this.  But, it's worth it-

My Impressions of Zumba:

1. Jazzercise and the Macarena's bastard child!
2. It's like a wedding reception, without the gift!
3. Women really do love line dancing!

Now, if you are a Woman of a Certain Age, you know of the television show Friends. You probably know about My So Called Life too, but that's for another time.

Remember the episode, The One with the Fake Monica?  Tap dance class?  Anyway, Phoebe is all free form dancing in the Tap Dance Class, and she says "I'm totally getting it!"
 Well, I'm Phoebe.  Probably Street Phoebe, but still, I was totally getting it, in the corner, doing my own thing.

Sure, I could have followed along, but I have so many sweet dance moves, I sometimes really had to go my own way (look, a Fleetwood Mac reference!) Sometimes I go my own way so much, I get hurt...please see I am a dancing Fool from Jan 2008

Some moves that I use in "Kitchen Dancing" and are used in Zumba:

1. Clean the counter-Drop it low, bring it up real slow.
2. Ride the pony-I ride the pony in the kitchen.  It's part of, uh, putting away dishes.
3.  Shake that thing.  I have a thing, I shake it.

So, for the record Sarah and Sara- I LOVED Zumba!  I just do it a wee bit more on the drop it low, shake it nasty style, in the corner by myself.

 Also, I know very little Spanish, but I caught a lot of MAS! MAS! Ay, Papi! These were actually not strung together anywhere but in my own little mind.  Ay, Alejandro Sanz.

Yeah, Zumba, I'll do that again.

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Linda said...

I REALLY wish we lived closer. :D