Thursday, July 26, 2012

For our next adventure...

Sadly, I won't be at Zumba this coming Monday.  Oh, don't worry, it's for a good reason.  We're going on ADVENTURE!  Honestly, I don't know why I say that every time.  We have adventure going to the grocery store.

The Pigs and I will be camping!  No. The Ogre will absolutely not be with us.  He hates it. An Ogre in the woods, is a rare and unpleasant sighting. I believe it states in Pitchforks and Torches-An Ogre's Plight, electricity was invented by an Ogre.  As was indoor plumbing, and air conditioning.  They'd like to take credit for the Death Ray also, but that was all Tesla.
I'm the giraffe, he's the dinosaur

We hope to have plenty of adventure for you to mock and enjoy!  We also hope to come home without destroying another tent.

For my camping knitting project, I will be bringing the beautiful Color Affection into the woods.  


Linda said...

"We have adventure going to the grocery store". That's what makes you such an Awesome Mom! Enjoy the woods.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks Linda! You are the best!