Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 2-Summer

Loads of ADVENTURE! This week.

Sunday was Father's Day.  As a gift to the Ogre, I took the willing to wake up before noon Pigs and went strawberry picking.  We went out to Harvey's in Tekonsha, and met up with BEC! and her daughter Jenee.

Ah, strawberry picking.  Miserable, back breaking work in the hot, hot heat.  Not this time!!  It poured.  Like end of days levels of rain.  I saw a giraffe and an opossum trying to build an ark.

Did we leave?  Did we complain?  Hells, no.

We had an impromptu dance party and set in motion a female planet...

No More Fear of a Female Planet. (go to Public Enemy TV to see Sonic Youth's Kool Thing video...featuring Chuck D. It's like the original Bitch is the new Black. So many cultural references in one strawberry picking outing!:

"Bitch is the new Black." Said by Tina Fey on an episode of Saturday Night Live, referring to then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign. Three weeks later, on the same show, Fey's 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan retorted: "Bitch may be the new black but black is the new president, bitch."

Yes, sometimes you need to go to wiki 

Clothes were stripped off in the field, a shoe was lost and possibly the best jam ever was made.

After the rain, (waahaaahaaa-Nelson album title) there was some hot, hot heat.

So, we had to see The Avengers, again.

We also went crawfish hunting, fishing, eh. More like messing around in a stream in the rain.
Then, to round out a solid week, we went to Lake Michigan.

You know, when I go to one of the 5 Great Lakes, I like to make sure I'm swimming next to Palisades Nuclear Power Plant.  It makes the water warmer. Then I get this song stuck in my head for a week,
Palisades Park, by Freddy Cannon.

and the fear of growing a 3rd eye like the Simpson's fish.

So, week 2 of summer, and all this fun.  I didn't even mention the fro yo and beret.

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Bec said...

We had so much fun! Yes that shoe is gone. I was so concerned about getting in the car without my pants I forgot to pick up my shoe. J gave the truckers a nice show. Just kidding she had a little cloth to cover up her bits.