Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vagina! Michigan's new Dirty Word

So, the  Speaker of the House in State of Michigan thinks the word “vagina” is offensive. I personally think it’s an anatomically correct term for a body part.
Totally Offended...and Pissed off.

Here is the Detroit Free Press write upL isa Brown’s vagina monologue
that proved how backwards and sexist of a state I live in.

 Jase Bolger, MI Speaker of the House, is a member of Home Grange. I know this guy. He was Marshall of our  4th of July Parade in 2009, along with his wife and daughter. I am under the general impression that both his wife, and daughter, have vaginas.

I grew up in Battle Creek. Battle Creek, in Calhoun County, MI, was city 9 out of 10 in Forbes list of The Most Dangerous Cities for Women. The stats are 75 rapes per 100,000. Sure, there are only actually like, 52,000 people living in Battle Creek, approximately 1/2 of them woman.  Which is about 35 woman a year being raped. Oh, but wait!  Violent crimes against women...697 per 100,000 or about 350 woman in a year.

These are people that I know, that you know, and no on gives a shit.  It's all "That's just the way it is.  I'm used to how it is. I'm ok with it."

I am not ok with it.  I mean, really, NOT, ok with it.


It is not acceptable, in Battle Creek, in Flint, in Saginaw, or any other city in Michigan, let alone ANYWHERE.

With this in mind, the actions of Jase Bolger, my actual representative* who represents both Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties, pisses me off. When attitudes that are so blatantly against women are a NORM, I, as a woman, am offended.  I will not be quiet, I will not back down, and my voice will be heard.

I just asked if the Pigs knew what “vagina” meant. The pigs were all “yeah, that’s were babies come from.” No problem, no embarrassment.  They also know about the phrase no means no, and that women have RIGHTS, and an equal VOICE.

I may live in this backwards,"vagina is a dirty word", "violence against women is ok", state, but I will not raise humans to be a part of the  misogyny that the State of Michigan finds acceptable.

Soon to be released on Zazzle...a new line of Vagina related merchandise!

"I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina,
but no, means no." (Thanks to Lisa Brown for that one)

Vagina, anatomically correct since the beginning of humanity.-Now available on Zazzle:
That is my rack!

Dinosaurs had vaginas too.

My vagina, my business

You're right Michigan, Jesus's Mom was a whore-she had a vagina

* (dude, I know him, I DID NOT vote for him)


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! This a powerful essay that you should post straight to various newspapers!!! VAGINA you all needed one to get to be who you are ( well unless you were cloned).
Politician should be a dirty word.

Holly Bee said...

Thank you so much for your support of vaginas. "Politician should be a dirty word" another great t shirt idea...thank you again.

Linda said...

Go get 'em Girl Friend!!! I'd vote for you …if I lived in the Mitten:) Give 'em Hell!

jeanna p said...

Just arrived home from a movie you should see. It is called hysteria. Limited release so it is hard to find...but was so fun to watch. It was a lighthearted romantic comedy about the horrid attitude toward women in Victorian England and the invention of the vibrator.

There was a acene reminiscent of the Mich House of Rep where a woman was going to be sent to a sanitorium for chronic hysteria....

Maybe you should take a polititian with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you. Men have (nearly) always hung on to power and denigrated women out of fear rather than live in equality (and peace).
I hope people understand what those guys are trying to do, what they believe and their total disdain for women. Testicles cause war!

I believe "the same spirit animates all of us, only the outward forms are different, we're all absolutely equal".