Monday, June 11, 2012

88 Days of Summer...if my math is correct

The day before summer officially started, I took a photo of my feet. You know, to document the moment.

Yes, it's totally foot fetish material, but I swear, I'm making no money off of this. If I was, you would totally know. Because I would be bragging about it.  Oh, and I'd probably buy, like, I don't know, a kayak.

I named this photo 88.  I did this because according to my math, there are 88 days of summer.  I was sort of riffing on (500) days of summer.  Which, if you haven't seen, you totally should.  The Hall and Oats dance sequence is ruddy amazing.

Really. Tears, yo. Plus it reminds me of that time I did a talent show dance routine to Maneater. Whateves, it's like a Hall and Oates love thing. Soo, 88 Days of Summer with possible poor math. My feet documenting daily adventure, and it being documented by cell phone photos.

Brilliant! Ok, at least fun.

Day 87-relaxing by the pool
Vicksburg Old Car Fest-The pain involved getting this photo was, pathetic.
Check the feet! Hanging at Basketball camp!
Not all days are as adventurous as others.  But dude, a large amount of butter makes any day better.

It may not be the most exciting. We may not be super famous. But it will be a summer documented. Behold! The Summer of Pigs...and feet. Ewwwwwwh. It's like Pig Feet. Ahhhh, it's delicious.

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