Monday, May 28, 2012

Yep, that's poison ivy

So the garage sale was a roaring success.  Like a lion. Full of the roaring.

Tents were sold!  Rugs with possible odor related problems, swept up! The Massage chair sold.  I have my doubts about the legality of the activities it will be involved with, but hey, it's out of my basement.

Yarn.  Oh, my little heart, yarn was sold.  Yarn was sold at extreme discounted prices, because as George Harrison is my witness, I will never knit that much fiber in the next 100 years.  Plus, dude, I am so not into living to 100, so yeah, I had to cut bait on some of that.

A lady showed up and was all "how much for all the yarn.  I want a deal."  I was all "uh, yeah, it's already a deal.  Look at the stuff."

 "What's Cascade 220?"  REALLY??? You own a business that says you sell yarn! She almost got bounced from my garage.

There was also a guy who almost got a Fiestaware pitcher dropped on the floor in front of him, out of pure spite. Other than that...It was a glorious 2 days.  Chats about watermelon farming, the weather, bike riding and all while making more than minimum wage.

After spending 2 days in my garage, I'm kinda gonna miss it.  I may go out there and have lunch, just for old times sake.

So, the yarn and crafting has been put on the back burner for lawn work, cooking and "healthy living."

The cooking makes me fat.  Plus I never got so beat up knitting. I cut off the tip of my left index nail/finger.  Plus I've got a wicked burn on my hand.  Let's just say I got it in a similar fashion to the Glasses Nazi Dude in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The gardening...I'm bruised, beaten and cut.  I look like I've been in several knife fights.  I've had people stop me and the grocery store to ask if I feel safe at home.  I do, except while working on the lawn.

Now...Poison Ivy.

Healthy living...I am French! How would I know?

So far, it's looking like the beginning of a great adventure!  Bring it summer!

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Linda said...

"What's Cascade 220?" Really????
Glad the sale was a success!