Friday, May 18, 2012

Garage Sale...May 24-25 Yes, the horse is dead

but I'm going to keep beating it.  Really, the beating the dead horse scene in Gone with the Wind was probably my favorite part.  So, in honor of that...I will beat this dead horse some more...

Neighborhood Sale
 May 24-25 (that’s this coming Thursday and Friday)

 Green Prairie St
Vicksburg, MI
From Portage-
South on Portage road. Past the lakes, past the fields, until the 4 way stop at VW and Portage road.  Yep, it's the corner in the middle of nowhere with the car dealerships randomly.

Turn left.

On your right you will see an abandoned building.  It's white with orange trim.  I swear it is filled with 1 million bats.  Keep going. No, really.  Those bats will eat you alive.

Just past Hoard Chiropractor, is Green Prairie St.  It's the first road, first right. Turn right.  If you turn left, you will be in a watermelon field. If you get to Napa, you went too far.  If you get to Yogi's, dude, really? 

For sale at my house:
Massage Chair-not a massaging chair, a chair in which one sits to obtain a massage from a Certified Massage Professional It's marked $100, I'll take $75 if you ask nice.
“Vintage” knitting machine-That means it’s old
Tent-Yes, it probably has been peed in
All Electronics work and are priced from $5-$20
5 disc cd player
Bose Speakers-holy shit, I can’t believe I am selling these :(
Dvd player

Yarn-misc and cheap as hell. You may have to take a 3/4 finished sweater to get 1 skein of yarn, but it’s my racket I can do as I please.

Interweave Knits-back issues $1 each

Kid’s wooden table
Kid’s wooden bench with Winnie the Pooh Carved in

Including my unicorn parts t shirt. I’m old, and fat, it’s over sparkly unicorn. We have to break up.
Plus my comfy black work shoes.  Screw you work!  

Many, many more exciting treasures await you in my mystical garage of unicorns.  Oooh, did you know that rhinos are just unicorns that let themselves go?  Think about, the horn?

If Jeanna doesn't claim that Droid Factory with cash money, I'm all about selling that shit too. I'm talking to you Al of Al's Toy Barn.

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