Saturday, May 05, 2012

Comics, Avengers, Pizza...a Perfect Day

Today is the first Saturday in May.  Which, you know, is a Holiday.  Oh, you keep your horses, Kentucky.  I'm talking about the real first Saturday in May Holiday...

If you thought you were a nerd, and you didn't know about this, well, you may want to rethink your level of nerdiness.

After the family fought through seas of fellow comic book lovers, we went to the 1130 showing of The Avengers!  Sold out show.
Pig 3 was not the only person in costume.  He could have assembled the whole Avengers team.

The movie was amazing.  There was actually a point where I thought "the only way this could get more awesome is if Doctor Who showed up." Plus, I am board with you, Hulk. I get it now.

With such an awesome day, it didn't seem like my cooking would be the way to top it off.  So, we got pizza from Jaspare's in the 'burg.

The crust is thin, fresh, and foldable.  The sauce is sweet, but not weirdly or overly so.  The cheese.  Oh, damn, yo.  The cheese is amazing.

Yeah, pilates, hot yoga and many a walked mile were wasted on that pizza.

To finish our perfect day, a Big Bang Theory Marathon. 

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