Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, well, it has been awhile.  I was in Florida, again.  This time I was with the family though.  There was many an adventure. 

Venomous Snakes were the Pigs major concern, not poisonous

It will take a week of ridiculous blog posts to update you with all the gory details. 

Honestly, some of it was actually gory.  We may never be allowed in, or near an Emeril owned restaurant again. 
Can you guess who barfed?

But for now, I thought I'd share my back from vacation "to do" list with you:

Holly-go do this stuff, preferably today

deposit checks
wash car
 put a bird on it

Hey Linda!  Thank you for the awesome gift!  It is part of all the awesome that needs more than a quik-e-mart style post!!

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Linda said...

I'm just happy to spread the Bird love :)