Monday, April 30, 2012

Back Fowl Beast!

Cooking.  I try.  I really do.  But somethings are gross, like whole chickens.  Other things are scary, like eating raw chicken.  So I get a bit leery of cooking, mainly anything that involves chicken.

I can say that my old oven may have helped with the high number of raw chicken meals I've served up to the family.  But now I've got this shiny new oven.

It mocks me if I don't use it.  "Oh, look at me.  I am a beautiful, fully operational, oven.  I can make chicken go from raw, to cooked.  I am like magic."  That's all spoken in a really snotty French accent too.  Curse you and your stainless steel, sleek design and convection cooking option!

I could attempt to blame all my cooking woes my high school counselor.  He said that I didn't need to take the Home Ec class.  I would never use those skills.  Apparently, I had a lot of potential that involved dining out, for every meal.

I know I can't blame that guy. (Mostly because I can't remember his name.) I can only blame myself.

With this in mind, I put a very sad post on Facebook.  A plea for help actually:

 So, that bag of frozen chicken breasts that I bought...I get that I'm supposed to cook it. Give me ideas, flavorful me make it taste good.

I couldn't believe all of the awesome recipes my friends and relatives had for that horrifying beast, chicken!  Quick, easy, and in most cases minimal attention required!!

Now my only problem is picking which recipe to try first!!

A big thank you to all!  I really appreciate it.  Can you imagine how big the Pigs will grow now that they will be eating cooked, instead of raw, chicken?

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Linda said...

I have a sign in my big, beautiful kitchen that reads "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house." That pretty much sums it up for me :)