Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was planning on sitting, and blogging our adventures while in Florida. (It's spelled F-L-O-R-I-D-A, but I generally pronounce it Disney, sometimes Dirty South)

 My plan was so involved that I imagined lounging back with an energy drink and maybe scratching some lotto tickets.  This was going to be an EPIC post.

 A storyboard was drawn up.  There were stories that involved venomous snakes!  Boat rides!  Chaz Bono!  Those weren't even the main stories!  Those were merely the side adventures.  Because there was also barfing in, and around Emeril's restaurant.  Plus, a sob story about a girl who had strong desire to crawl under a Harry Potter themed bench and die.

But no!  No friends.  Not today!  You will have to wait.  I... am a librarian.*  Or rather, my gig as a Literacy Aid gig had a schedule change, and alas!  I must away at break of day.  Or, pull myself together enough to look presentable...RIGHT NOW!

Please know that I was thinking of telling you an Epic tale of adventure, loaded with color photos. 

*Look, I referenced The Mummy movie.
The original post was going to reference It's a Wonderful Life.  See the difference in quality you are getting here?


Linda said...

You're a riot! Love you!!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks LinderLoo!! I really did start an awesome post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "The Mummy" reference, it's a classic. We watch it together every christmas...