Sunday, March 18, 2012

Uh, Dog Obedience

Pig2 and I attended our first dog training class today.  The dog, Copper, didn't have to go.  This first class was to start training us.  I really wish my behavior could have been positively reinforced with hotdogs, or umbrella drinks.  But I suppose a well behaved dog is the real pay off.

Now this is a basic dog obedience course for dogs over 5 months of age.  Yeah, Copper is well over that mark.  We adopted him in 2009, I think he was 3 then.  My math is complete crap, but I'm pretty sure that makes him, like over 5 months.
We've got some serious work ahead of us.

Here's a photo of Berger.  He was not only a full sized dog, but also a fully trained dog.  It's been awhile.
Berger and the Pigs July 2009


Linda said...

I failed dog training 101. Sparkie did fine, I failed. We took Most Improved the second time:)

Holly Bee said...

Yeah. I'm not very consistent, but my dog needs reminded who wears the pants.