Tuesday, March 20, 2012

May 6th, Save the Date!

No, no one is getting married.  I mean, people probably are, but that's not what you need to save the date for.  You need to set aside May 6th for...

The National Kidney Foundation 2012 Southwest Michigan WALK!!
Sunday, May 6th
Registration at Noon, Walk at 1:00

Join Team Little Carter's Ray of Sunshine!  Raise $100 get a Kidney walk t shirt.

Why do you care about Kidneys?  Like boobs, everyone has them.  For some people, they don't work so well and the people need to be on dialysis.  That sucks, as does cancer.  This is heading down a very Zoolander road.

Anyway, I support kidneys, bras support boobs.  Try kidneys out, they taste good.
I'm really trying, but it seems like all of the other causes have such better marketing campaigns.

How about, Please support my walk team and I'll shut up about it...right after the walk, which is May 6th.  There will be snacks, and, face painting.  No ponies.  That's at the Grange 4th of July parade.

It's tax deductible.

I apologize for the begging, the whining, and the carrying on, but it's the only one I do, so I try to do it up big and save my begging, whining and carrying on for other things, like ice cream and puppies.

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