Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hit Me Baby, Once More, with Feeling*

You may have thought you hallucinated a post announcing I had become an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One gifts.
My bag overflows...with Kidney Kozies!!

You were not wrong!  I did have a post saying that!  But, in true Snotty form, I was all excited and posted about being involved with the company, and THEN read the media guidelines!  Yikes, I don't want to break rules and get kicked out.

So here  that original post...again.  I totally asked, and I wasn't breaking any rules.  I'm just a totally excited lover of bags!

I have a few bags.  I have bags for yarn, camping, yarn, traveling, keeping food cold, yarn.

When we decided our house wasn't going to sell and we brought stuff home from the storage unit there was a box labelled "important holly stuff." It was a box, full of bags.
said box was moved to the basement

Lately, you may have seen or attended a Thirty-One party.  I'd not been able to make it to a party, but still managed to own several bags.  How?  I was tempted by the bag beauty merely by the catalog! Thank you, Patti! Look!  Check this bag...

It's my little car bag. (You can read that as little bag for in the car or little car in which sits a small bag)  I've got mittens, emergency knitting, a drink, gum.  It sits right in the front seat.  It also has the added bonus job of keeping the Pigs out of the front seat. "I'm sorry, the front seat is for my little bag.  It's much safer for you in the back of the car."

When my friend Bec said she was going to become a consultant for Thirty-One bags...I was all "dang, I have a lot of those bags.  I hadn't thought of selling them."

That's when the thought occurred, I could sell the bags I love most!

Plus, it's cool to say I'm a small business owner.

If you'd like to host a party and see what all the fuss is about, shoot me a message.  Or if just want to peruse a catalog, I can get you one.  If you want to right this very second check out Thirty-One from the comfort of your own computer, please visit my own personal Independent Consultant website at Thrity-One Bags!

Holly B's Independent Consultant Site! 

I also recommended a totally sweet bag to use as a knitting project bag to FatCatCrochet.  I believe this will be a whole post. Because bags, and knitting, are my bag, baby.

*The title of this post is a Jeopardy Style Before and After.  Do you have the Answer?

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Bec said...

Lovely post. Lovely bags. I adore my square utility bag!