Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cheap Flights...have a price

On the plane to Florida, I expected no problems.  I had my distractions, and I was prepared to be a quiet good citizen.  As usually, things did not go as planned.

When a person travels alone, it's good etiquette to help a family stay together.  As a person who often travels as a family, I've abused the single traveler. So really, I try to give back when I can.

This time, giving back landed me sitting next to a 2 seat occupier, with a lap baby, a kid and a wife.   I pretended that my ipod was working.  During our lovely 2 hour flight I really got the whole sister wife experience.  I got to hold a baby, pick up the binkie and be called Lover, a lot.  All this while hearing about things exploding and what would be a good neck tattoo.

What did I learn from this experience?
 Cheap flights are not worth it.
My Family is pretty awesome.  I'd rather be trapped in a car with them for 24 hours, than on a cheap flight with another family.

Beer. It does go well with the crazy.


Linda said...

The ticket price doesn't matter, believe me.

Bec said...


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iffatali said...

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