Tuesday, February 07, 2012

An Adventure before 10 am

Pig 1 is home sick today.  Fever, headache, the whole shabang.  Since Pig 3 had a Dr's appt, and Pig 1 was home sick, Pig 1 put Pig 2 on the bus, which is as funny as it sounds.

Pig 1 is playing video games and resting. I know he's actually sick and not just pulling the "I really need to level up in Skyrim" due to the fever.  I did tell him, at some point he would have to turn the game off and take a nap. 

Pig 3's ears...

Pig 3 failed a school hearing screening in November. He was seen by his Dr's office twice since then. One time to farm the potato sized ear wax out of his head, and another to recheck his hearing post industrial cleaning.

Today a nurse took Pig 3 into the ear testing room for a tympanogram. (Pig 3 is the one who told me which test he had, because he remembers everything.  Which may explain his incredible use of curse words.) I was told it would just take a minute and I could wait outside. I said, "ok" and thought, hahaahaa, yeah, you didn't schedule enough time for what you're about to go through.

As predicted,it took forever. The nurse was trying to get Pig 3's bad ear to pass their damn test, not knowing that the ear not passing the damn test is the actual problem.

As the Dr entered the room sneezing, and snuffly Pig 3 said "Well, that's ironic."  I thought I heard him wrong so I was all "what?"  So, yeah, he said "it's ironic that I'm here to see a doctor, and he's sick."  Ok, Pig 3.  You are 7 and fully know about irony. 

After the cleaning, and waiting 2 months to see if fluid would clear up, his hearing has been deemed impaired due to fluid.  He's being referred to his ENT office.  Oh, please let it be the super short guy in the office!  He's so zazzy. 

Pig 3 will end up either getting a tube, or his ear will clear up by the time we get into the ENT.  Serious.  That's what the Dr said, and that's why I like that guy.

Lessons learned:

Potatoes can be harvested from the human head.
Pig 3 may be super loud due to a medical condition.


Linda said...

Aww..poor kid(s).

tracyb said...

That's a bummer about the ear, but I love that pig 3 is seven and correctly used the word "irony"!

Sandy said...

I love your stories. Hope your Pigs are all at 100% soon.

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