Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Party, Cyber Style

What started as me baking 10,000,000 cookies due to new oven joy, turned into "well, this would have been easier if I owned cookie sheets."

Instead of doing what a normal person would do, which is I don't know what because apparently I'm not normal, I contacted my local Pampered Chef dealer.  Turns out, it just happens to be bake ware on sale month!  I thought, hell, if I need stuff to pamper my inner chef, maybe my lovely friends do too.

So, welcome to my online, catalog Pampered Chef Party.

Just hit shop online...and you are on your way.

Party ends Feb 18th, so get your order in.
If you are Kzoo local, I should have real catalogs by Friday, Feb 10.

As it turns out, I am this lazy.  But you could thank me for not flooding your email.


Linda said...

OK tomorrow I'll order. Left my list at work;-/

Anonymous said...

That large round baking stone is a good deal with the discount, I've been thinking about making that thar bread in the round I see you eating, plus we've got to heat up our cold pizza!