Monday, February 06, 2012

HMS Surprise-Well what's your oven's name?

The new oven showed up Friday.  It politely knocked on the door and said, "where's that piece of crap I'm replacing?"  Not only was the new oven replacing the broken oven, but also this sweet little toaster oven.

 I baked the hell out of some salmonella in this little oven!  I can't quit you, you're safely going to hibernate in the basement.

There were a few minutes of stress when my beast of convection and traditional cooking was delivered.  Like when nice delivery guy unpacked the stove and hollered into the house, "What color oven were you expecting?"  I flipped out, and said "Stainless? What have I got?"

He was actually just a very thoughtful delivery person.  Since we were getting rid of a white stove, and still have a white range fan, and refrigerator, he was concerned. I explained we were just working our way around the kitchen one appliance at a time.  Which, is not nearly as fun as the Lava Game, and also much more expensive.

Once it was out of the box, and in the house, there were issues getting it into the old oven spot.  I had to leave the room when the oven almost hit dishwasher.

How the hell can the old oven fit in and out of the kitchen and the new one isn't fitting back?
                     DID I REALLY ORDER THE WRONG SIZED OVEN????!!!
This was just going to piss off the Ogre. 

Turns out, the new oven is the sold as the same size as the old one, but the old one lied about it's size.  Both ovens said they were 36 C, but the old one was more like a heavy B.

Here we have the HMS Surprise!

Trust me, I'm as damn sick of hearing about my kitchen as you are.

As in Surprise! it fits! Surprise! dinner isn't raw! Surprise! Wow, that rapid burner is like a jet engine!

There has been so much internet speculation around me getting a new oven that GE actually tweeted me and asked what the first thing I made in the oven was...
Yes, with this magnificent cooking machine, I warmed up leftover pizza.


Linda said...

It's Beautiful! Stunning!! Pizza! Yum!
Really it is Awesome. It so deserves to be in your kitchen :)

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I remember the day (a billion years ago) we bought our first microwave oven. I couldn't believe we could actually cook a chicken in it, like the salesman said we could. We stopped at the store on the way home to buy a whole chicken. I stick it in the microwave, in my not-so-shiny new microwave cookware (oh yeah, we bought it all, hook, line and sinker) while Jerry orders pizza (he already knows we aren't eating radioactive chicken). I sit in front of the micro the whole time, watching that chicken magic! Little Dave had to bring me my pizza because I didn't want to miss a minute of underskinbubblyweirdness. Next morning, at the break of dawn, we hear the microwave BING! There's little Dave (he's 3, maybe), happily munching on pizza he warmed in the microwave.

I have no idea what this has to do with your new oven except it is also about an oven. And pizza.

AllyB said...

That's a beautiful new oven Holly!

jeanna p. said...

after replaying many meal preparations in my head, i am pretty sure my oven's name is "goddamnit".

i have a stainless steel designed much like yours. i even have the special cleaner to make it pretty and shiny. so far, almost seven years in, the cleaner still resides in a bottle. someday i will introduce it to my stove...someday.

Holly Bee said...

I love you all! I'm glad I'm not the only one with kitchen related issues.