Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Skating, sledding, GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!

The Pigs are still home on Holiday Break.  I had planned to do a bunch of fun activities with them during their two week break.  Unfortunately, I was sick last week, so we've been sort of doing it up this week.

Yesterday we went to Long Lake Roller Rink.  Now this is a great rink.  Reasonably priced, 2 skating floors, and no nonsense owners.

I don't know where you used to skate, but mean tough kids used to get in knife fights and smoke-while doing the limbo. The Long Lake Roller Rink  run a clean tidy rink, help little kids learn to skate, and keep the higher maintenance moms in check.

Pig 3 getting his 80's groove on
I'm just saying that when the sign out front says No Outside Skates, they freaking mean it.  Don't bitch about it.  If you don't like it, go to a shitty messed up floor that allows outdoor skates.

(I hope that I have never lead you to believe I am a high maintenance mom.)

I used to go skating all the time.  My old lady body still has the brain of a 12 year old.  I skated, a glided, I gracefully jumped in the air, did a half turn, landed, and continued backwards.  Pig 2 said I was showing off.  I said that's what my brain told my body to do.

Although I skated with grace and joy, (no, really that's what I named my skates) and had dreams that a scout from the Killamazoo Roller Derby Darlins would ask me to try out for the team, I could hardly walk later that night.

Today, we went sledding.  We were out on the hill at 9 am.

The moving on my part and Pig 1 being awake at that time were both small miracles.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'm hoping it will involve a nap.  Or more time for...

Fish Hat pattern by Thelma Egberts Knitty '08

knitting! Because if these Pigs don't go back to school soon, it's going to kill me.  Or, I'll become physically fit.

The above whining has been scaled up for dramatic effect.  I loooooove that Vicksburg has a local sledding hill.  Free outdoor fun!

Long Lake Roller rink truly is rocker.  The big rink is so smooth and nice, as Pig 3 says "it's like gliding."  I swear the music was specially picked just for me as part of a weird Holly 80's flashback.  It was like hot tub time machine, with a lot less boobs.

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