Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen=Done! Sweater=Normal

The painting is done!

The photo makes it look like I just put up new curtains and moved the plants around, but it's done.  Sure, the cleaning, organizing and finding things that got neglected in the process, are still on going.
 But I'm sure I could blast Alderaan and make a loaf of bread at this point.

On the knitting front, I'm working on a Knitting Pure and Simple Neck Down Pullover as part of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters Knit A Long. Look, a lovely brown lump of sweater.

Due to my normal mode of doing things, I underestimated a crucial point in the sweater making.  It's easier just to show you...

Look!  No tummy!

The brown yarn was purchased when FatCatCrochet came to visit.  I was so excited to finally use it.  I had 6 skeins out of the original 10 left.  The perfect amount to make this sweater!  Then I realized, I'd made a baby sweater, and a hat, and, and now I've only got 4 skeins of brown.  2 are already in the sweater.  The rest, is variegated green.  In the dark storage box in the basement, they all looked brown.

"Hey Pig 1, why does your Mom always wear that ugly green and brown sweater?"

"She made it."

"That somehow doesn't make it any better."

The moral of this story to anyone else would be:

Always check your lot numbers before starting a project.

For me, it's don't let Knit with Snot offer to make you a sweater.


Kim said...

I love you so much. I would wear a sweater you made!

AllyB said...

Hey Holly, just do some alternating stripes of the green at the bottom of the sweater and it will look intentional to anyone who doesn't read your blog. You could start out with a 1" stripe and work your way up in stripe size until the bottom was totally green. I think it would look awesome. Good luck whatever you decide to do. Have a great day!

Holly Bee said...

Great idea Ally! I knew if I admitted my dumb, someone would come up with a good idea for me!

Ogre said...

Prepare to witness the destuctive power of this FULLY OPERATIONAL family kitchen!

Linda said...

What Kim & Ally said!
I'm not even sure where the yarn is from that trip.

Holly Bee said...

It looks amazing with the addition of the green yarn! I love it! It's actually inspired me to finish it!