Thursday, January 26, 2012

A 5 minute home improvement

I take a lot of photos of the sink area.  It's my favorite spot in the house.

Look!  Dirty dishes in the sink.
 Honestly a cozy spot in the living room, bundled up under a pile of blankets is my actual favorite spot in the house.  But I do spend a lot of time time standing in this area, so I try to make it pleasant and well organized.

I've been plotting the building of a new, fully operational (death star) kitchen since May 2011 . We've made a lot of updates and it's only a matter of time now until we get a new oven.  I want my new oven to stay pretty, and nice, and not catch on fire, and for the door to fully shut.  I also don't want it to end up like this...
 Yes, on top of the door not fully shutting, it's also rusting out. Plus, this lovely Kenmore model was involved in a lawsuit in 2008.  I don't believe anything ever came of it because the oven was never taken away in handcuffs.

How does an oven rust out in front?  Ogre sized hands, dripping Ogre sized amounts of water onto a human sized hand towel, hanging from the oven door handle.

What's a girl to do?

I bought a Rev-A-Shelf Towel bar.  The plan was to hang it to the right of the sink, on the cupboards, at Ogre hand level.  As it turns out, Ogre hand level is my eye level.  Which does explain why he keeps handing stuff to my head.

The instructions made the installation sound easy, three tools, 5 minutes.

For me, this turned into a much more time consuming event.  It took 5 minutes to find the step stool, another 5 minutes to set up the camera. 
Check the smile!  I'm ready to install an oven saving towel rack!
Not the most flattering photo, but really, how the hell do you get up on the counter?  Once here though, I know I can traverse across the kitchen without touching the floor.  Haha lava!  I've defeated you!
Here's were the trouble starts, or continues.  Standing on the counter, using tools, dropping screws was not especially fun.  Things may have been better if say, I had washed and put away the dishes first.  Or, perhaps, I wasn't trying to do home improvement in my slippers.
I was already over the five minute installation time, so I took a snack break. 

I would like to suggest to Rev-A-Shelf that they add snack break to the installation instructions.  Or for the instructions to say 5 minute installation if you have all of your items together, a long screwdriver with a magnetic tip to help with the infuriating process of screwing in screws, and you don't take a snack break to recover from the high level of annoyance brought on by installing our lovely chrome, sliding, two pronged shelf.

In the end I did manage to hang the towel rack.  Please don't hang on it, or look at it harshly. I gave up after putting in only 2 of the 4 screws.


Linda said...

It's lovely! And level:) and high enough for only the Ogre to use so you're in good shape!

Skinnertime said...

Okay woman, you had me rollin' with this one! Now that I've laughed (a hardy laugh and not a tee-hee kind of laugh) at your expense, I have to thank you. The towl rack is a great idea. That's an excellent place for one. I may attempt this and I'll be sure to factor in the snack break.

Holly Bee said...

Thank you, thank you! If you need help with installation, I'll bring snacks!