Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Improvement...Or something close

I wanted to share the glory of my repainted kitchen when it was a completely done and fully operational Death Star.

Before...and it's not much better yet.

Probably due to the large amount of paint fumes I've been inhaling, it's been slow going.  Ok, it also may be due to the large amount of people that are still living in the house and attempting to use the kitchen.

Another before. Still no after.

Or, as with many of my projects, I work under the false impression that it's only going to take a short time to complete.  Three days ago the plan was to not caulk, spackle holes, and tape trim.  After calling Pam and Dan I was schooled in the idea that caulking is not evil, but pretty easy and hides a number of 1/4 inch sins. (For you in educated metric locales, that's about 6 mm.)

My short time allotted to pre painting tasks turned into a full day gig.  I will admit, I went a little crazy with the caulk.  There are now no 1/4 cracks between the counter top and wall in the kitchen, or any other place in the house.

It's been said that I buy orange items because no one else will and I feel bad for them.  This may be true, but I will add that green is also on sale a lot.

I honestly don't try to dress like this.  It's what I have.

This is my painting outfit.  It's also the outfit I wore while I visited nearly every business in Vicksburg.  Why did I leave the house?  I stuck out like a Margarita in a snow storm!    People thought I was directing post accident traffic.

After I taped, and caulked and spackled, I was finally ready to paint the trim.  Although I was prepared to paint, I had no paint brush.  I actually do have a paint brush, a favorite paint brush, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

A simple trip to the hardware store turns into...I should stop at the library!  Oooh, I really could be nice to the Ogre and pick up that prescription for him!  Hark!  The grocery store!  My battle of the books team needs snacks!

After all that, not much time was left for painting.  No fully operational Death Star, no kitchen inspired by the Night Circus. Just this...


Linda said...

And look how awesome that spackle looks! Great job! The paint will practicly put its self on :D

Holly Bee said...

You spoil me with your words of encouragement!