Thursday, January 12, 2012

Artisan Bread...Even here, it can happen

The Artisan Bread book finally arrived!  Of course the first thing I did was not read any of it and jump to the recipe on page 25.  Turns out, there are a lot of good details about bread baking in 5 minutes a day leading up to the master recipe.  But, skipping ahead is part of my charm.

The box of candy is not being eaten, it's a book mark

I was really excited because these are the only dishes I dirtied while preparing my bread dough.

Ok, I guess you have to count this giant 6 liter bucket also.  It's the keeper of the dough.
Oh, I also dirtied this crazy contraption.  It's a dough stirrer, and totally worth whatever the Ogre paid for it.
Yes, I am wearing my all purpose Maleficent pjs.  If you see me wearing these in public, please send me home though
See, it's like Magic!  It stirred the dough, hardly stuck at all and was easy to clean.
The next step was to let the dough rise for an hour and a half at room temperature.  Since the only room in our house that can be considered room temp is the living room, the dough had to go there.
Pig 3 asked what I had.  I told him it was his new baby brother.
Look!  It did what is was supposed to!  I truly believe that the crocheted blanket helped to keep it company, which enhanced the rising.  It's like happy chickens lay better eggs.  

Can you believe I can follow directions?  I actually weighed out the 1 lb of dough.
The one part of the directions that could have been a bit clearer involved adding water to the hot oven.  Yes, I know I was making steam for my bread, but the actual getting the water in, not getting burned and then shutting the oven door was a lot  more of an aerobic activity than I was expecting.
I added the water and did sort of a slam, drop and run maneuver. Here is the collateral damage.  Look!  No burns!!  But the photographic evidence lead me to wonder...
Was I drunk when I put this magnet here?
It all turned out ok though...Behold!  I made bread! 
I didn't know if it would be poison or not, so I tested it on the Pigs.  They seemed to like it.

Oh, the dough holding buckets also double as a barf bowl.  Show up at the local hospital er with an Ogre and a 6 liter barf bucket, you get excellent service.


Sandy said...

Hooray! It looks great. I need some Artisan bread now.

Linda said...

You make Beautiful bread!

Bec said...

It looks wonderful! Your house must have smelled divine.

Holly Bee said...

Thank you all for the nice comments! I was so surprised that this worked so well!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

The peasant bread (too lazy to go upstairs to check page #)is awesomely good. Let me know if you want to try it, I'll share my wheat and rye flour.

I want their other two books, healthy bread and pizza/flatbread.