Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Book Series wears me down

So I got sucked into this series of books.  It's happened before.  I read all 20 of the Aubrey Maturin books, you know the series that inspired Master and Commander?  I can't tell you an intelligent thing about the Napoleonic Wars or much about global circumvention in a ship, but that Captain Aubrey was a lusty man with a big gun, and some cannons, and cutlasses, and don't forget the seamen!!

The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum wrote more than just the one book.  A whole series, and I had to read it, because, I wanted to know what the hell happened.

Now, thanks to Sarah, I'm on this new series.  It's actually less embarrassing than that bout of adolescent sparkly vampires, but not as good as the series where everyone's hungry.  Sadly, there are an enormous amount of books, with no clear end in sight.

That's were my problem lies, is in the end.  Sarah set me up with One for the Money, a Stephanie Plum mystery, so that we could go see the movie together.  Did you see the word mystery in there?  I hate mysteries.  I read a couple chapters, skip to the end, have no idea whats going on, so I read more of the front of the book, then get back to the last couple chapters and end up reading the whole book from either end until I get to the middle. 

It's like presents.  I know you got me one, so where the hell did you hide it?  I will in fact tear the house apart.

Ugh, 17, no, wait, another one came out not too long ago, 18 books in the series.  I just checked wiki, Stephanie Plum doesn't appear to have married Joe Morelli and currently be living my life.  I think me and the series have to break up. Or, I could start reading from 18 backwards.

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