Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disney...Hells Yes I said Disney

We went to Disney, yes again, last week.
It's empty, because the Ogre is AWESOME!
 It was so fun there was barfing and two potty accidents.

Sadly the two potty accidents were mine.  I was running, to have more fun, and well, pee happened.
standing still is fine, it's the running that makes me pee

While there, we saw many a happy site, like this

the Ogre riding Dumbo.  Now that doesn't happen everyday.  If it did, I think it'd still be amusing.

Pam and Dan also met up with us one night at the amazing Flying Fish restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk.

Ogre, Pigs, Pam and Dan-I was taking the damn picture.  No, no one was around to take the photo for us, we only travel when other humans are not around.  You do not want to see the Ogre in a crowd.

Who is the Ogre's twitter BFF? Neil Patrick Harris, yo!  Although in a very Friends episode turn of events he saw Isabella Rosselini, and had a chance with her, but had recently taken her off his list.  Not true, she is totally on his list, he just didn't have a chance with her.

The Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth.  I know this because you can take your whole Ogre, Pig filled family, hang out with Plushies, let your Muppet freak flag fly, and, and visit Tatooine and have people know what the hell you're talking about when you say TTC, MK, or Ooooh! can we stop at Club Cool for a Kinley?

We saw this phone box and had to check and see if it was the Tardis, you know, in disguise.

Turns out, it's really a phone box.  Like a real phone box.  This is also something I know because I touched the very, very dirty handset.

It has a real dial tone.  Not the Tardis, but a direct line to Serenity-Ah-mazing!
Oooh.  We also met Father Christmas!  It was very much like the Polar Express...Pig 3 got a bell from Father Christmas!

Just after, Pig 2 asked Father Christmas "Did you know that mistletoe is good against werewolves?"  Father Christmas answered "I know son, I have some werewolves on the naughty list.  Don't even get me started on the zombies."

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