Sunday, December 18, 2011

Save me from myself

I told the Ogre I would help him wrap Christmas.  If you know me, you know this is an empty promise.  I hate wrapping gifts.  I hate even edges, and bows, and tape.  Really?  Do you need that much tape?  Then I get all "why do we have to buy gifts in December?  I love you and want to buy crap that you don't want year round!"

So, I said I would help wrap.  But my secret plan was to just be upstairs with the Ogre while he did all the work.  What was I planning on doing during this time of joyous holiday cheer?  I was planning on doing some home hair removal.

Oh, yes.  I can grow a goatee, a fu manchu or a full lumberjack beard.
 No, not me, but could be after a couple of days.  Available at beardhead

While the Ogre wrapped, I waxed.  Oh, sweet baby Jesus, I waxed. The 'stache, the goatee, and the unibrow.  Dearest, dear Pigs.  You are blessed.  You will have full beards when you are 13.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Beardmas.  If you love me, you will get me an electrolysis session.

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Linda said...

"my secret plan was to just be upstairs with the Ogre while he did all the work"

Around her that is called Recreational Companionship. It applies to any chore where two are not required but appreciated. Like Saturday trips to Wal-Mart AND Home Depot. Yea, I need to spend the afternoon sitting on a paint can in the hardware isle while ELPH contemplates the advantages of nickel plate vs stainless steel.
Joy to the World.