Thursday, December 22, 2011

I need energy to lose my money quicker

I have a secret love of lotto scratchers.  When I was in high school, every time I'd fill up the old escort, (Ford, not hooker) I'd get a bottle of Coke, a pack of squares, and a lotto scratcher.  Ah, so much class, and only $14. 

I'd been thinking about getting some holiday scratchers, you know, as gifts, for other people, not for me.  No scratchers for me. 

So here's what my to do list looked like today:

1. Buy a Michigan Raffle ticket for the low, low price of $20.  Excellent odds.
2. Buy scratchers, for other people.
3. Hell, if I'm at the Party store, oh, who are we kidding, the liquor store, I might as well get an energy drink.
4. Walk to the liquor store because if one gets exercise on the way to wasting money on lotto tickets, it sort of even outs the bad with the good.
5.  Wait. Research must be done on the best odds on scratchers, a list of good ones will be made and utilized while in the store.
6.  Trick the Ogre into this venture, he needs exercise too, and get him to pay for all of the above.

All but item 1 on the list was completed.  Now, I sit, all hopped up on lo carb monster with a pile of scratchers and glee in my heart at the prospect of coining the gray stuff off to reveal, well, I mostly like removing the gray stuff.

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