Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crochet to Doll Clothes

I have been crocheting the Snotty Ripples blanket for over a year now.  I had Pig 3 pose with it before the holidays so that I would have photographic proof of it's existence.

I need proof of it because I'd like to throw it behind the couch and only think of it again when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Because I don't want to work on it again until we all travel by bullet trains and a smart car cover sized blanket is just an old fashioned memory.
Check the original in the back ground.  It's freakishly large and colorful.  The blanket, not the Ogre.

While breaking up with the Snotty Ripples, I made this for my girl Machete.

It's my version of the American Girl Doll Poncho Knitted Pattern.  No, mine doesn't have fringe, but it does have a crocheted picot edging.  How would I know the difference?  I am French.

 You see, my sweet little Machete got an American Girl Doll for Christmas.  It isn't just any American Girl Doll, it's Julie, the pot smoking hippie from San Francisco!

This was a link to America Girl Doll Julie.  Now, it seems to be other things.  Sorry, it's all html.  I am French. How would I know?

My mistake, it's Julie, the "fun-loving girl growing up in San Francisco in the 1970s. It also offers lessons about choices and friendship that still touch girls today."

Do you see how I could get that confused?

Now, Machete's doll is from the 1970's San Francisco, and since she is a fun-loving girl, she needed a poncho.

My actual fun loving doll from the 70's, Mandy, was all jealous.  She said "I will cut a bitch.  I pity the Fool that don't let me try that poncho on!"

Besides watching a lot of A*Team growing up, Mandy wanted to be a fashion model doll.  She always did have Barbie issues.

She can really work the run way, but not so much a hair brush.

I really think I should add "get out more" to my list of things to do in 2012.


Skinnertime said...

I want a 1970's San Francisco pot-smokin' hippie Julie doll.

Holly Bee said...

I think we all do!!