Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays...I don't care what you celebrate

While getting the Holiday Cards ready, the Ogre asked, "These are about set, unless you've developed a grand ambition to write an accompanying letter."

My response was, "uh, nothing really happened this year."

This is a lie.  Things happened, but, well, this is the letter that is not being sent and you can decided.

Dear Friends, Romans, and Countrymen,

Here at the Ogre household, we've had a cut bait sort of year.  Which may mean we're just not that into fishing.

Holly dropped out of Massage School in January.  It just wasn't her bag, baby.
Holly then quit her job in December. It just wasn't her bag, baby.
(One may begin to wonder what her bag is.)

The Ogre used to travel all the time for work.  Not anymore!  He got a more on site job.

We visited Pam and Dan in Florida over Spring Break. They'd finally had enough of Michigan, and relocated to Florida.

The Pigs all spent the summer in Day Care.  They were not fans. 

School started again.

Pig 1 may have quit Scouts. He's on the fence.  But he did start Robotics Club.  Hey! It's endorsed by Morgan Freeman and will.i.am.

Pig 2 is really trying to cut down on the swearing.

Pig 3 is really trying to be taller.

We went to Disney World, had a great time, and we're refreshed and ready to have a great Holiday Letter...next year.

Not stellar. Nothing to really write home about.  We'll try harder to be interesting, or at least have more stick-to-itiveness, this year, 

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Linda said...

Robotics are very cool! check out http://www.usfirst.org/.
I hate doing our Christmas letter. It's ELPH's baby but somehow I still end up doing it.