Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012-The Year of Amazing or Ah-mazing

Are you ready for another great year of zombie slaying, questionable family outings, and hell, questionable knitted goods?  No?  Uh, then you may want to check how you landed here.

I've been blogging for awhile, and was famous for a bit.  But after taking some time off from being awesome and trying to be a regular working person, I feel like I've lost some of what made me quirky.
  Although from the above photo, I don't think I picked a very good demonstration of loss of quirk.

Since 2012 is just around the corner, I figure it's time to set up new, back to fun goals.

1.  Donate more knitted items
2.  Bake bread
3.  Cook more dinners
4.  Visit FatCatCrochet
5.  Volunteer on a regular basis
6.  Get my boobs squished*
7.  Knit a sweater for me
8.  Quality rum, wine-no more hooch for me.

Now, those may not sounds fun, or above and beyond normal right now, but surely, with an Ogre and three Pigs in tow, I'm almost positive it will be an adventure.

*For the record:  I will not be bringing the Ogre and 3 Pigs to get my boobs squished.  I may take Bec though, she's my sponsor.


Linda said...

4th on the list! Pretty high up considering only charity & family came before me:D
Can't decide what to do with/about my blog. Just not feeling it lately. Seems like I don't have enough time in the day/week/month/year to get done all the awesome things I want to do.
SO looking forward to seeing y'all real soon!

Holly Bee said...

Hey, it's my blog, I can move you to the top. You're really 4th because occasionally a family member will read this, and I hear they have feelings.

Yeah, I understand. I was going to let the blog go. But, I've been feeling it again...let it ride!

Bec said...

Hell yes I will go with you to get your boobies squished. Maybe I'll even hijack a wheel chair to push you around in.

Note: My word verification is marthipo. Poor Martha! I po too.