Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The start of Snow Madness 2011-2012

Ok, in Michigan, it's sort of snaining.  I agree, that does sound like a personal problem, but you mix snow and rain, and, you get snain.  I'm not saying it's pretty, I'm just saying it.  With all the dirty sounding weather we've been having, I've been in the crafty mood.  Yes, I've done some serious witchcraft, but I've also been toiling...double, double, toil and trouble, on Pig 3's Snotty Ripple Blanket. Which, if what I say in the post is true, was started almost 1 year ago.  Sometimes, I lie.

 It's a large blanket, for sure, but it has not acquired unacceptable size. 
See, the big stripes, that's my Snotty Ripples. Don't worry, your computer is fine, it's the ripples making the photo blurry

Now, my dear, sweet Patty has also been making a Snotty Ripple Blanket also.  Hers has been deemed to be
The Socially Unacceptable blanket, due to it's immense size.  

Or a lovely cozy for a Smart Car. (also due to it's immense size) (boys love that phrase)

But we of the ZPDK LOVE IT!  Don't frog it!  It's a thing of awe and beauty!!

I've been thinking about it, and I believe it should be the new annual Holiday Photo blanket.  The whole family gets under it, and the photo is just of noggins.  That way everything from bad fashion, weight gain, pregnancies, questionable boyfriends/girlfriends can be hidden.

After the Snotty Ripples catastrophe, I'm wondering friends, what other questionable activity can I talk you into? It looks like it's going to be a long winter, with plenty of opportunities for

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