Wednesday, November 02, 2011


It's that time of year again!  No, I'm not begging you to purchase cub scout popcorn again, it's the annual 4th through 8th Grade musical!

This year the talented kids at Vicksburg are treating us to Annie!  Yes, that beloved redhead and her rag tag team of dirty 1930's era orphans and their gin swilling caretaker!

Ok, ok.  It's Annie JR.  I think the gin portions of the play have been lessened or removed.  But, since it's still a hard knock life for orphans, the musical numbers remain.

Please join in the fun!
Vicksburg Community Schools 

Vicksburg Preforming Arts Center
Friday, November 4th-Evening
Saturday, November 5th-Evening
Sunday, November 6th-Matinee

Ok, here's the sad part, no, I'm not playing the orphan card again, I don't know what time the performances actually are.  Pig 2 has the Annie shirt with all the info, which he refused to wear, and hid.  I only have the bring your kids here, at this time, info.  I get it, this is pretty weak advertising on my part.

But we'd love to see you there! I swear if you want to go, I will get actual times for you!


Friday and Saturday 730pm
Sunday 2pm

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