Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall, Orchards and Blankets

 What have the Ogre, Pigs and Snotty been up to?  I'm going to go with ADVENTURE!  Although Pig 1 may vote for acting like embarrassing parents.

 We recently took the Pigs to Gull Meadows Apple Orchard Extravaganza.  I believe their official name is actually Gull Meadows Farms, not Apple Orchard Extravaganza.  But if the extravaganza fits...

 Whatever haters, we also went out and picked apples, from trees, not just off a display shelf.  The pumpkins, well, we did at least see some growing in a field.

Plus, we did manage to grow one rogue pumpkin this year.  I was really impressed with it's ability to steal other pumpkins powers.

Look! Yarn...

 This great big ball of mess is my entry into the Zombie Prom Date Knitters' Fall Crochet A Long.

We're working on a pattern by Michele Storm, the:

9 pointed Round Ripple with Solid Center

I bought this yarn from Joann Fabric.  I have a problem with Joann's.  They always have these GIANT skeins of Bernat yarn for like $8.99!  I don't care if it's the cotton version, or the acrylic version, I need it!  It's 400 million yards of possibilities!  Possibilities for stuff.  Useful stuff that people need.  Ok, maybe they don't want, but totally need.

Now, I should go so I can tackle the 1600 million yards of possibilities that the cat has scattered about the living room.

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