Thursday, October 20, 2011

Classic Dumb Moves

I have a long history of doing dumb ass things. 

 No idea what's going on here, but I appear to be in a field.  There must be a dumb reason.
 This hair cut.  Not one of my smartest moves.
 Spending the night on a submarine, dumb ass, but fun.
 Why didn't we make tshirts with this logo? 
 Wow, fashion!
 Athleticism!  Or complete dumb ass?  
 Again with the fashion!
 Not the fashion this time, noting the tattoo.  Ok, the Spice girl shoes may have also been questionable.
 What dumb ass idea possesed me to take a photo rather than wipe this kid's face??

Sure, you've been along for the ride on some of them, and you're right, it's usually fun.  But yesterday, yesterday!  Although not in my top 10 of dumb things, it was a lot all at once.

I got sent home from work.  No, not for swearing.  For being unusually quiet and possibly too sick to be there.

When I got home, I realized my house keys were safely locked in the house.  Sometimes when this happens I will have also forgotten to lock the back door.  No such jack assery for me!  Locked.

In normal Snotty fashion I had stuff to drop off to a local charity in the back of my car.  Luckily this batch included a nice, cozy blanket.  I took a nice nap in my car.  I felt 19 again! My spare house key came home around 2 hours later with Pig 1. 

Next we did a good deed and dropped off food to our local food bank. (That was not dumb ass, that was nice.)

Since the day had gone sort of weird, I decided to do some fall tidying.  I decided to wash all the Fall jackets and put them in storage.  When I was putting the jackets in the dryer, I found my car keys. You know, the cool key that has the security system thing attached and has the switch blade style key that I like to flip in and out when I get all nervous, or gouge stuff with?  Which I had washed. 

Now, the house keys I can manage to put where they belong so well that I forget to take them anywhere with me.  But the car key...dumb ass.

After that I decided it was in my best interest to sit in one location and work on a new baby blanket.

Sadly, it's a giant acrylic granny square blanket.  Maybe that's also a bad idea.


Linda said...

Well at least you didn't Half Ass anything; you used your Whole Ass! LOLOLOLOL! Crack myself up!
Seriously, glad you had a blanket and got a nap in:)

tracyb said...

I'm doing a gigantic pinwheel acrylic afghan too, so that's not a bad idea. It's a good one because I don't know anyone who could afford a non-acrylic giant afghan!