Thursday, October 06, 2011

Art Prize...It's not too late!

My fellow zombie slayer, Bec, wondered aloud one day "I wonder who could skip work and go to

with me?"  In true slayer fashion, I said "I am all about skipping work to see art!"

The plan was, get in the car, go north on 131, take a downtown Grand Rapids exit, see art.  (Art is a state of mind in this case and not some random dude.) En route we added find a convenient place to park to plan.

To some, this may seem like a poor plan.  But for those hell bent on adventure, it's a perfect plan.

Let me break it down for you.
1. Drive north on 131
2. Take Downtown Grand Rapids Exit
3. Park at Grand Valley University Parking Ramp
4. See ART!!
As we exited the parking ramp, we saw art.  The dog is art, not the guy.  He was later eaten by the art.

 Because we were intrepid explorers, we wandered and found art.  This also translates into "Map? We don't need no stinking map!"
No! Bec! NO!!!!  That chair is not your Goldilock's size!

I personally funked this up.  I love to touch art. 
No, really, I love to touch art.  Sometimes I get in trouble for it.  Ask the security guards at either the Grand Rapids Public Museum or the Art Institute of Chicago.

 What is Art Prize, you ask?  It's amazing! 
It's community!

 Look!  Zombie Prom Date Knitters are part of an ART installation!

It's FUN!!
So, now you are totally jealous of Bec and I.  No, really, you are.  I highly recommend you completely skip work and go see ART.  It's also available on the weekends, but really, skipping work to go see art is your last ditch chance to be sort of punk rock.

NOW GO! Art Prize ends October 9th!!

Do the Zombie Prom Date Knitters want to be a part of Art Prize 2012?  Hells YES!  Plus...we've got some ideas.

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Bec said...

You forgot BEER! See ART and drink beer. Magic Hat #9 on tap. It was a great time and everybody should go soon because Art is leaving.