Thursday, October 20, 2011

And the Prize goes to...PIG 1 !

We went to the Brookfied Zoo just before school started up.  Pig 1 was very excited to go to the zoo because he wanted to get a good Wildlife photo for the Michigan State Grange Convention this year.

While we were at the zoo we had the best time chatting with the zoo volunteer near the bears.  He was full of information, and good jokes. 

Here is his photo.  It not only took 1st, but also got Best in Show and will be traveling on to National Grange.


Linda said...

Way to go Pig 1!!! Great shot! Nicely done.

Bec said...

FYI my word verification was "testi" hahahah

Jenny said...

Congrats, Pig 1! Nice photo! The zoo is def a great place to visit.